Training coordinator

After having worked with 1623 as an associate artist since 2006, Kat was delighted to become training coordinator for the company in 2013. She has worked on many shows with the company in some of the most unusual spaces and has been given the chance to play some of the most challenging roles. She is pleased to be a part of a company so dedicated to bringing theatre and Shakespeare to those who wouldn’t ordinarily get the opportunity to see such work.

Kat has worked alongside other 1623 associate artists in workshops over the years to take Shakespeare into schools, colleges and universities, working with students on various theatre, literature and language classes. These have ranged from exploring the language, directing scenes, putting Shakespeare on screen and other practical approaches to Shakespeare, all of which have given her the chance to work with those who have little to no knowledge of his work as well as those who know lots about it.

The biggest change in terms of involvement with the company came in 2009, when she was asked to join fellow 1623 associate arist Jamie Brown to run a week’s residency of workshops with the National Youth Theatre in London. This was a great experience and a brilliant opportunity to share skills and knowledge into both Shakespeare and performing outdoors, something which she has much experience in.

Working with groups of young people on projection and breathing techniques, physicalising and portraying characters and intentions for an outdoor audience was a brilliant way of working with enthusiastic emerging actors. Kat enjoyed helping them to learn new techniques and build on previous knowledge to progress within an industry that has captured their interest.

In 2011 Kat went on to work with professionals from varying sectors in 1623's Shakespeare for Leaders training programme, a series of workshops designed to help everyone from all industries build on their leadership skills using the works of Shakespeare as inspiration. Using characters and themes from a range of plays, 1623 came up with a unique way in which to help companies and its members develop communication skills, learn how to delegate, share challenging news and work closely as a team. Kat is currently developing Shakespeare for Leaders as part of her role as 1623 training coordinator.

The 1623 trainee actors course in 2013-14 brought together a group of people from different ages, backgrounds interests all of whom were there for different reasons. Kat saw this as a great opportunity to work with this group, who had no previous knowledge of - or connection to - each other, come together to work towards the same ultimate goal: to develop the skills needed to perform Shakespeare over 10 months before programming and performing their own showcase of Shakespeare scenes, speeches and songs in a public performance. Being a part of this specialised training, imparting knowledge and learning herself has been a real privilege for Kat and she is excited to get stuck in with future groups of Shakespeare recruits.

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KAT GLENN at a glance

  • Graduated from Liverpool in 2001 with BA in Creative and Performing Arts
  • Toured with various theatre companies to open-air venues and theatres across the country
  • Delivered theatre workshops in schools, colleges and universities
  • Co-founded Distraction Theatre Company in 2005 to create family-friendly theatre based on classical stories
  • Began working for 1623 as an actor in 2006 before becoming an associate artist in 2009
  • Developed Terror Tours experiential theatre, for which she is artistic director
  • Became 1623 training coordinator in 2013 to run the trainee actors course and develop Shakespeare for Leaders

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