Friday, 23 October 2015

Just before cutting the delicious chocolate cake at our 10th birthday party, our artistic director Ben Spiller said a few words to the gathering of almost 100 people.

Ben makes a speech at our 10th birthday party"Thanks for coming over to celebrate with us here at QUAD, our beautiful home.

Everyone here has helped 1623 grow from an idea 10 years ago into a reality today that's all about seeing Shakespeare differently through performances and workshops for everyone in ways that relate to the world around us.

You've made it possible for us to do these things:

* 193 shows
* 12 productions
* 74 venues
* 32 artists employed
* 11,654 audience members

* 254 workshops 
* 61 schools, colleges and universities
* 6 public courses
* 7,419 participants
* 21 work experience students

* 7 projects
* 72 workshops
* 18 discussions
* 4,859 participants
* 14 volunteers

* 48 workshops
* 221 participants
* 26 trainee artists
* 4 showcases
* 6 internships

* 3 patrons (Dame Janet Suzman, Mark Ravenhill and Professor Carol Chillington Rutter)
* 18 associate artists
* 22 workshop facilitators
* 9 board members

But it's not just about 1623 today, not only about the stats, Shakespeare or even theatre.

It's about all the arts and creativity and how they transform people's lives and change the world for the better.

1623 is working constantly to be one tiny part of that.

If something is wrong with the world, the arts provide a way of asking questions about it. They can even help to solve it. They often do.

They can also be a way of celebrating what makes us feel good and what connects us as human beings, as well as explore the more difficult aspects of life.

Let's keep creativity and the arts going together so that many other companies have chance to celebrate their birthdays too and make the world better with the arts between those birthdays.

We're better together.

Now let's have some cake."


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