Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Work experience student Georgia Cowans interviews Shane Lynch to find out what it's like to be 1623's participation coordinator.

Shane answers Georgia's questions in QUAD cafeGC: How long have you been working at 1623?

SL: I've been working as participation coordinator for about 6 months now, but I've been taking part in workshops and other activities for about 2 years.

GC: How did you find out about the company?

SL: I'm studying for a Theatre Arts degree at Derby Theatre, which is part of the University of Derby, and found out about 1623's monthly Shakespeare workshops for the public through the theatre. I started going to them and really enjoyed them. Then Ben [Spiller, 1623 artistic director] invited me to run them with him before I started to do them on my way and became coordinator of 1623's participatory activities.

GC: How long have you been doing theatre work?

SL: When I was in primary and middle school, I always did the school shows. When I was 12 years old, the English Shakespeare Company came to my school and they had boys audition for their production of Macbeth. I auditioned, got the part and then toured with the company. That then got me into a performing arts school. 

GC: Do you enjoy doing what you do?

SL: Yes.

GC: Why do you enjoy it?

SL: I like doing what I do because I meet different people. I support people to try things they have never done before or didn't feel confident to do. I like to just listen to other people's opinions on things.

GC: If you had any advice for anyone starting out in theatre, what would you say?

SL: Don't wait for someone to give you work, create your own work. Find other people who share similar values and work with them.

GC: When you were younger, did your friends like theatre?

Shane with Steps for the Future in a workshop on Much Ado About NothingSL: I went to a performing arts school and we all liked the same thing.

GC: Did that ever cause arguments?

SL: Yes, but that's because we all liked to share our opinions.

GC: What performances have you done in the past?

SL: Shakespeare, musicals, physical theatre, Oscar Wilde and many others. I was recently in The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other and in that there were 12 actors who played 250 characters. 

GC: Did you have to play more then one character in that show?

SL: Yes, but the characters that I played were all very alike. They all had a similar physicality and I moved my hands in a similar way for all of them.

GC: What other things do you do with 1623?

SL: Every now and then, I run workshops for GoldsQUAD which is group of people aged 50 and over. And I have also worked with Steps for the Future, which is a performing arts academy for adults with learning differences. I'm going to be running a project in Belper too. All the work I do as participation coordinator is with community groups.

GC: Have you got any workshops coming up soon?

SL: I have, actually. On the 19th and the 20th July, I will run a workshop on Pyramus and Thisbe in Belper at the North Mill and on the 29th July I have the monthly Shakespeare Night, which is open to everyone.


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