Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Matthew has been volunteering with 1623 for just over a year. Here, he talks to our artistic director Ben about his achievements throughout 2016 and his plans for the future.

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Ben:  Ben here, 1623 artistic director here in the QUAD office after a very festive break. And what better way to see in the new year than with this excellent gentleman by my side: Mr Matthew Barratt.
Matthew: Hello there!
Ben: Now, Matthew has been volunteering at 1623 over the last year or so and I'm wondering, Matthew, whether you'd like to share with everybody out there how you came to be involved with 1623?
Matthew: Well, it first started when 1623 started helping the drama group at Steps for the Future.
Ben: Would you like to explain a little bit about what Steps for the Future is?
Matthew: It's a performing arts group.
Ben: And what kind of things did we do together?
Mathew: Macbeth and Much Ado About Nothing.
Ben: What parts did you play?
Matthew: Shakespeare in Much Ado About Nothing, I think, and one of the Witches in Macbeth.
Ben: And Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing as well. You were a great Benedick in that. Just wonderful.
(Matthew giggles).
Ben: So Matthew, what have been your highlights over the last year, in 2016, as you've been volunteering with 1623?
Matthew: Adding and updating things in the library. Enjoyed sitting in on rehearsals for the Lear/Cordelia play. My first experience of volunteering in the gallery in the last week of the crazy golf exhibition after playing it for a few weeks. Learning the access code (easy to remember when it's the year you were born in).
(Matthew and Ben giggle).
Matthew: And learning things about William Shakespeare.
Ben: You've done so many things over the last year. You've been updating spreadsheets, lots of office-based work, as well as coming to workshops and meetings as well. It's been really great to see your confidence grow over that time as well. What do you feel your biggest achievement has been over the last year?
Matthew: Biggest achievement? Gaining more confidence. 
Ben: It's been great to see that. What are you hopes for the year ahead?
Matthew: To carry on and gain more. 
Ben: Brilliant! And on that note, let's all do that! Let's have that hope for more experiences and gaining more skills and knowledge in the future. I think that's a very good resolution for the year, don't you Matthew?
Matthew: Yes.
Ben: So, happy new year!
Matthew: Happy new year to you too.

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