Othello (Oliver Wilson) in Emergency Shakespeare! at QUAD © 1623

What 1623 has found consistently is that people enjoy the fact that our work is so different from other theatre companies. We hold ourselves to the highest quality production, whether performing in a damp cave, a muddy field, a modern shopping centre or a vibrant learning establishment.

Bringing high quality, innovative work on from just an idea or a suggestion to fruition takes time, energy and, of course, money. We value all the artists we work with and want to be able to pay them a fair sum for the efforts they go to bring Shakespeare to life, in performances, participation activities, learning workshops and training sessions, as well as those people who work behind the scenes.

We are confident that all the people who have seen our work, wherever that may have been and in whatever form, would agree.

While we are not a registered charity at the moment, the company does run currently on a not-for-profit basis. Much of the effort put into our current and past productions and workshops has been made possible by people volunteering time or offering services to 1623 for free. As we move forward, we would like to be able to offer more fair fees to those people who work for us, for any and all the work we do.


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Would you consider sponsoring 1623, perhaps aiming to help us with one particular aspect of our work?

  • Our regular running costs, such as postage, website hosting costs, etc.
  • The costs surrounding elements of a particular production, e.g. the costs of programme production, transport costs, rehearsal venue, marketing material costs, accommodation, etc.
  • Perhaps you would be able to cover the costs of an entire production or run to enable more people to access Shakespeare for free?

Contact us to talk about the different ways your sponsorship could really help 1623 expand and improve.



When people feel that they aren't able to offer monetary support, we are very happy to seek support volunteers to help with other aspects of our work, particularly "on the ground" things, such as transport or accommodation, costume hire, locations for rehearsals, etc.

If you feel you can contribute please do Contact us us to let us know what you could help with.



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